Never again : Canon campaign goes viral on a Frank Schilling domain

A new advertising campaign by Canon addresses the subject of printing out digital assets.

The Canon PIXMA printer campaign is labeled “Never Again“, and it features a series of funny videos depicting disaster that came as a result of relying on digital versions of documents.


The videos are becoming viral on social media, with the hashtag #NeverAgain being used to promote them.

Guess who owns the domain

Frank Schilling does, and according to our sources, you can buy the domain right now for $156,000 dollars.

We think Canon should have bought it to create a portal for people to share their experiences with digital media due to the lack of a tangible print. It’d make an excellent use of its PIXMA printer campaign.

Watch one of the viral videos about PIXMA printers and the “Never Again” campaign below. 😀

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One Response to “Never again : Canon campaign goes viral on a Frank Schilling domain”
  1. Scott Alliy says:

    Totally agreed that Canon has missed a huge opportunity. We have created easy business plans for creating a niche social media site based on cigar vaping and wine domain names. The primary benefits that Canon would receive would be to provide a formu for happy users to opine and a historical record of happy client testominials at no cost and an unlimited number of content pages that could contain ads (Ads only for their products thus captivating a targeted audience while no competition.

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