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Never registered before .com #domain still available!

After almost twenty-five years of commercial domain registrations, there are still gems to be had out there.

We’re not talking about domain names that were registered years ago and dropped.

DomainTools is a valuable domain research tool, much more than just for WHOIS data.

Despite the recent GDPR assault on WHOIS, domain investors are still able to drill down and peruse valuable domain information, and use it to their advantage.

Never Registered Before – Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

When a domain hasn’t been registered before – ever – DomainTools returns this status:

“Never Registered Before.”

It came as a complete shock that the domain NeverRegisteredBefore.com has never been registered before, and thus it’s available.

But here lies a paradox: by registering it, one would probably hurt its value instantly.

We’re adding it to the list of other gems currently available, such as PleaseBuyMyDomains.com.

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  1. Carlos Gargel says:

    NeverRegisteredBefore .com is registered

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