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SeeMeReg: New Google Glass app lets domainers share point of view

A new application for the much talked about Google Glass, might just be the killer app for domain investors.

SeeMeReg ™ interfaces with the geeky hardware from Google, offering an experience unlike any other, allowing seasoned domainers and newbies seeking mentors to interact live.

“Definitely a new convergence of technological innovation and pragmatic need for the global sharing of information,” said the SeeMeReg ™ app developer, John Mavritanopoulos.

“Once you turn the Glass on and run SeeMeReg, domainers can trade their computer desktops, exchanging points of view, or enter ‘spy mode’ by following someone else who might be willing to mentor both of them at the same time about domain names,” added Mavritanopoulos.

The SeeMeReg ™ app can be used to observe, for example, Rick Schwartz as he goes through a day’s worth of successful joint ventures, or Shane Cultra‘s intense bidding on NameJet’s LLLL .coms.

The app can also be used to confirm that transactions are complete: no more wondering whether a domain was pushed to your account or if the buyer received your PayPal payment.

“With SeeMeReg we are innovating the future of domaining, adding more value to your hand-registrations and it’s an indispensable teaching tool,” said Mavritanopoulos.

The price will be a hefty $120 dollars for a lifetime license, but since Google Glass already costs $1,500 that’s not really that expensive. Thousands of new gTLDs are arriving soon; don’t you want to know what is the best domain name registration strategy that other domainers follow?


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