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New gTLD: Francois applies for .Domainer with ICANN


Dot .Domainer will take over the domainersphere by storm.

French domainer entrepreneur, Francois, has done it again.

Not content with his operation of Domainers.org – an online repository of cryptic domainer profiles, Francois is going after the gTLD .Domainer.

“Well make sense, no? I apply for .domainer as business explosive, cax, ecop, dofo and domaining.com” said Francois while typing on his aged French Minitel keyboard.

“Win market for every domainer and give domains like Joe.Domainer and Bald.Domainer etc. so find home desire and business plan, absolument.” added Francois.

The dot .Domainer gTLD will give domainers around the globe the opportunity to register their own homebase on the Internet, without fear that some company might snatch it later on.

Only established domainers will be able to register domains, while opportunistic flippers and domain collectors will be shown the door. A certification process will be available for anyone willing and able to take the domainer test.

Francois intends to promote the Dot .Domainer gTLD extensively during the Summer Festival of Cannes – a popular destination of uber-domainer, Frank Schilling.

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  1. Site Checker says:

    LOL at Minitel keyboard reference 😀

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