New gTLD Registries : Do they own the matching Twitter account?

Twitter is an important medium for domain companies to engage with their customers.

The launch of several hundred new gTLDs is making the domain name space rather crowded, and there is more competition than ever.

While Twitter’s policy forbids the resale of Twitter accounts, many such transactions occur “under the hood.”

Is your gTLD on Twitter?

Is your gTLD on Twitter?

How many new gTLD Registries have secured the matching Twitter account of their launched gTLD products?

In this open series, we examine the gTLDs with the most domain registrations and check them against the Twitter accounts. If we could easily find the actual Twitter account for the gTLD, it was added.

Here are the current Top 30 gTLDs:

It seems that only the XYZ Registry managed to get their matching Twitter account! 😀

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One Response to “New gTLD Registries : Do they own the matching Twitter account?”
  1. MHelming says:

    I think this article misses the point entirely…The real question is how long will it take for Twitter and Facebook to become obsolet-ed once companies and brands have vertical control of their internet presence and come to the understanding that social media can become proprietary to TLD owners….and wrested from the hands of Twitter and FB…

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