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New gTLDs: Australians are doing it wrong, says .com advocate

Ajax Dremel, CEO.

Ajax Dremel, CEO.

Never try to argue with an Internet authority on domain names, you might end up being slapped around with a large trout.

Ajax Dremel, successful author of “The secret of my Domain Success” and numerous other eBooks on Amazon, is livid with the way business is about to change in Australia.

“I read the article, that piece of junk in the Brisbane Times – what a load of bollocks!” exclaims Ajax Dremel, whose book “Domaining: Like a Boss” is in the top 5 domaining books on Barnes & Noble.

“Do you realize that Aussies are upside down, thus thinking differently from us in the States and the rest of the civilized world?” asks Dremel, shaking his head.

The Brisbane Times article claiming that the end of the dotcom era is certain, was given the cold treatment by most domain investors.

Ajax Dremel, however, is an outspoken advocate of .com, .net and .org domains and a successful performer of the forgotten art of autofellatio.

“I would not be successful today, if it weren’t for the proliferation of the original TLDs,” says Ajax Dremel.

“The new gTLDs are garbage and I plan to write a new book explaining just that, anyone who plans to invest in gTLDs better spend $29.95 reading my book first, you will save thousands!” adds Dremel, smiling.

It is the first time that the Australian press is under attack by US technocrats over a different approach to domain names; the heated argument over the future of gTLDs is expected to continue for months to come.


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One Response to “New gTLDs: Australians are doing it wrong, says .com advocate”
  1. DomainGang says:

    Jeff – Ajax Dremel spent years practicing the art, with a bit of ‘joint venturing’ you can accomplish the same. It’s better than kissing royal starfish!

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