New Sedo newsletter format improves domain news delivery

Sedo has redesigned its monthly domain newsletter; the Sedo Domain Newsletter was given a visual and functional lifting to incorporate several new features.

Adding updates from the Sedo marketplace, along with tips and tricks on a full range of domain topics, the Sedo newsletter will include exclusive – handpicked – domain names.

The new format introduces stock photography reminiscent of the early 2000’s, unless these are really Sedo employees at the German headquarters.

We have not seen these guys before! 😀

The Sedo Newsletter for June includes:

  • Best BuyNow Bargains
  • New Direct Auction features
  • New domain Parking feature
  • Podcast with Sedo CEO, Tobias Flaitz
  • Sedo Broker recommendations
  • Sedo’s participation at domain events and conferences
  • Exclusive premium domains
  • Monthly sales stats at Sedo

Overall, it’s a great redesign that will hopefully give Sedo an improved marketplace share.


Sedo Domain Newsletter for June 2015.

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