Newest #gTLD announced, as Intercap Holdings takes over dot .INC

The newest (re)allocation of a new gTLD has been made public, and Intercap Holdings takes over dot .Inc.

Shayan Rostam, Chief Registry Officer for dot .Inc, sent us the following information about the launch schedule of dot .Inc:

Intercap Holdings Inc. is pleased to formally announce the acquisition of the .inc domain ending, following ICANN’s consent to the change of control.

As the first domain ending in the Intercap Holdings portfolio, .inc is being brought to market this fall with no reserved names, premium names, or registration requirements. All .inc domains will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis during three launch phases:

  • October 2018: 30-day Sunrise for trademark holders
  • November 2018: 7-day Early Access Period for public priority registration
  • November 2018: worldwide General Availability

Founded by Jason Chapnik (formerly the Founder of .TV Corporation) and led by Shayan Rostam (formerly the Global Director of XYZ), Intercap Holdings Inc. is based in the Cayman Islands and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intercap Inc, which is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

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  1. Shayan says:

    Thanks for sharing, Theo. If anyone has questions about the .inc launch, please contact us through the form on We will also have more details published on our redesigned website when goes live in a couple weeks.

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