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Nigerian entrepreneurs thrive on news of Internet gTLD expansion

So far, the Internet namespace expansion appears to be a monumental venture into the gold mines of the early 90’s, when the dot .com era was in its infancy.

More than 20 years have passed, and the evolution of the TLDs as gTLDs continues to thrive, creating explosive new markets in its wake.

Nigerian entrepreneurs welcome the addition of thousands of new gTLDs.

Nigerian entrepreneurs welcome the addition of thousands of new gTLDs.

One such market is in Nigeria, where local business entrepreneurs engage in the noble art of relentlessly securing funds from prosperous individuals, and expertly re-investing them in consumer products under their personal control.

Some call this a scam, but to the Nigerian entrepreneurs this is business as usual:

“We love gTLD, is betta than dot com, so much exciting opportunities for bring in the betta more clients for our family business!” exclaims Butto ‘Mike’ Gwanga, who runs an expert ring of phishers and 419-schemers.

“Around the world, globally, rich peoples are falling for use of brand new gTLD as we betta expand forward, to invite them for surrender Bank account and funds, it’s prosperous, blessing!” adds Gwanga, whose business ranked 17th on the FBI’s most wanted list in 2013, but plans to improve its position in 2014.

With more than 70,000 gTLDs registered so far, the expansion of business across the financial markets in Nigeria and other scheme-making centers, will lead to a dramatic financial growth of the sub-Saharan Africa nations’ economies.

And that’s betta, for sure.

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