Nine ways to Thanksgiving : Is your domain name a real turkey?

Happy Thanksgiving.

Today marks the official beginning of the Holiday Season, and domain investors will soon be shopping for hot deals across the Internet, or fighting at retail stores to get the latest TV sets and games consoles.

Going shopping for presents requires one thing: making more money than what you spend.

Domain renewals can get expensive, and if you’re a long-haul domain investor as opposed to domain flipper, you’d better be certain your domain name isn’t a real turkey.

Without further ado, here’s 9 ways to tell that your domain is worthless, in which case you’d better drop it, and save yourself some money for presents.

  • It’s a typo. The era of the typos has passed, and PPC for such domain ‘turkeys’ is tenths of a penny.
  • It’s a trademark. Seriously? It’s almost 2018, not 1998. After 20 years of UDRP history, better stay away from such domain ‘turkeys.’
  • It’s longer than 2 words. While there are some exceptions, shorter is better. Got longer domains? Go cold turkey and ditch them.
  • It’s not a keyword+gTLD combo. and are in. Heck, even That’s what we call domain gravy.
  • It’s a TLD other than .com but you want six figures for it. Get real, bro, and sorry to ruffle your feathers.
  • It’s a “creative” domain that can’t be pronounced or remembered. Time to cut off its neck pronto.
  • It’s an .IO and you’re not a tech company. Input/Output is cool when you make computer switches. Even blockchain companies prefer an .ORG.
  • It’s a domain that you overpaid for at a NameJet auction in 2008, but you still believe you can make your money back. Ditch that wallet stuffing.
  • It’s a stolen domain. If we tell you it’s stolen and you try to offload it to some unsuspecting bastard on Flippa, you will get roasted.

Enjoy Turkey Day, eat and drink in moderation, and may the domain force be with you, once you clean up your portfolio.

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One Response to “Nine ways to Thanksgiving : Is your domain name a real turkey?”
  1. Eric Lyon says:

    Pretty accurate, however, there are some 3+ word domains that have and still can kick a decent return on investment 🙂

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