No, #Clubhouse is not getting the #domain name

Clubhouse – the .io kind

A couple of months ago I received an invite to Clubhouse, the voice chat social media platform. Being an Android user, I went to the Google Play Store and searched for the app. I ended up installing the Clubhouse app, just not the right one.

I must admit I didn’t pay much attention; the alternatives looked odd, and Clubhouse (the voice chat app) was and still is in beta.

With 5+ million downloads, I ended up installing the Clubhouse app with a purple and white flag icon.

I was excited and ready to join Krista Gable’s chatroom, but ended up uninstalling the app a few minutes later, realizing my mistake, and not really needing a productivity management app. That Clubhouse operates from the domain

Playing second fiddle to the big guy at the .com must have been a real issue for the .io crowd. I’ve no doubt that a big chunk of these 5+ million downloads are from people as confused as I was. The .io guys are now moving to another domain, and speculation has run wild about whether they are moving to

By reading the daily hints released on their Twitter feed, it’s safe to say that it’s not going to be I contacted the apparent owner of and his response to my question of whether is being sold to upgrade .io was “no comment.

Fair enough, that only answers whether is being sold to the crowd, but in today’s clue, mentioned the following:

8 letters.
2 syllables.
2 vowels.
Technically, 1 word.

That’s not End of the story.

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