No #Coronavirus ads allowed on Facebook, while Amazon battles mask price gouging

Welcome to the domain of fear, and the coronavirus epidemic is triggering a lot of it.

Officially the Covid-19 virus, it’s causing anxiety among domain investors as well; Rick Schwartz has postponed the expected domainers’ meetup in Asheville, North Carolina.

Facebook is now taking bold steps banning ads that are misleading on purpose.

Specifically, the ban targets any posts that “create a sense of urgency” related to the acquisition of products promising to prevent or cure the illness. The company has also said it will take down false posts about the coronavirus entirely if they put people at risk.

Facebook is not alone in this new reality.

Amazon is also stepping in to stop price gouging of items such as face masks, that are flying off the shelves, despite offering little protection against the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the domain is up for sale at Sedo, with a minimum offer of $49,000 dollars. The dashed variant,, displays information that appears to be related to China. Other domains have been listed on GoDaddy auctions, eBay, and other domain marketplaces.

Maybe these domain listings should be banned?

Facebook bans Covid-19 ads – Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash

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