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No worries, mate : Top #Snap result in #Australia isn’t the camera company

Domain rebranding to a short generic keyword can either make or break your brand.

The generic nature of dictionary domains can actually dilute a brand’s visibility in search engines, such as Google.

Ultra-generics, such as Apple, acquire a secondary meaning over a long period of time; this is how such brands become distinct and are identified with a product or service – instead of the literal meaning of the keyword.

A year ago, we noted how the rebranding of Snapchat to Snap was already causing issues to some similarly named companies.

Snapchat rebranded in September 2016, switching to the domain name Snap.com. At the time, we reached out to an Australian company that uses the local ccTLD extension, Snap.com.au.

In our online chat, the company’s representative did not seem concerned that local search engine searches would be misdirected.

Almost a year and a half later, the company rep’s lack of concern still holds water, as Google searches for “Snap” with the locale set to Australia, return Snap.com.au as the top result, and the former SnapChat company at spot #5:

Here’s our conversation with the Snap.com.au representative at the time, edited to better identify the parties conversing:

Peter: Hello and welcome to Snap. How may we assist you today?

DG: Hi, I was wondering if you’d like to share what the recent rebranding of Snapchat to Snap means to your brand.

Peter: Hi.

DG: Hi Peter, came here looking for “Snap” on Google. I understand you rank tops for the term on the Australian Google results. Curious what the rebranding of Snapchat to Snap(.com) means to you.

Peter: Sorry we are Snap print, design and website company based in Australia. Snap is a different brand than Snapchat.

DG: I understand that. But Snapchat is no longer going by that name. They became Snap. So what are your thoughts on the potential competition? They now are on Snap.com

Peter: Both the companies provide different products and services and our services are confined to Australia only. The two different brands which provide different services have less possibility of any type of competition.

DG: Ok. Please consider this scenario, however. Customers going to Google.com.au and when they enter “Snap” – where currently you’re the top result – find Snap (snapchat) instead. Wouldn’t that be frustrating to you?

Peter: Yes, that could be a scenario where a customer is looking to get some documents or cards printed and gets directed to different website than snap print,design and website.

DG: Ok. So you are not worried about this exact match rebranding and potential for confusion. May I ask, what is your position at Snap? I am not in the least familiar with your company. Simply conducting a survey, and I appreciate your time.

Peter: Actually, I am a part of backroom support. I might not be the best person to discuss this but thanks for sharing the information.

DG: Thank you. And I appreciate your responses and positive outlook. Bye for now.

Peter: My pleasure. It was nice talking to you. Have a great day, goodbye!

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