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#Nominet jacks up dot .UK prices

Nominet, managers of the dot .UK ccTLD for the United Kingdom, announced a wholesale price increase.

The price increase is 15 pence, or 0.15 of a GBP. The announcement mentions that the 4% price increase is nominal, as Registry management costs have increased since 2016.

The price increase for dot .UK domains is nothing compared to the juicy Verisign contracts for dot .com and dot .net!

Here’s the full announcement:

Following the annual review of pricing by the Board last week, the wholesale cost for a .UK domain registration or renewal will change to 3.90 GBP per year from 13 January 2020.

The 15p per domain increase reflects some of the increased costs of running the registry business since prices last changed in 2016.

We have absorbed the majority of the increased costs, but decided after careful consideration that a 4% increase in the wholesale price was appropriate.

As a world-class registry, we are committed to meeting our obligations as part of critical national infrastructure, developing the resilience and reliability of our systems, delivering world-class customer service, and increasing the promotion and visibility of .UK domains. We believe these investments are important and benefit all stakeholders.

We appreciate that price rises are never popular, but even after this modes rise, .UK domains remain extremely competitively priced in the market and accessible to all.

We will be reviewing credit limits to ensure registrars are able to operate as usual in January.

Prices will take effect from 00:00 UTC on 13 January 2020.

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