Non .com #domain sightings : 9/11 Memorial .ORG in #NYC

Spending a few days in New York City was great, and I had the opportunity to experience the pros and cons of big city life. Lots of traffic and car honking, lots of great sites to see and museums to visit, tall buildings and bustling movement of people – who still found time to stop and have a great coffee and bagels. Sorry donut lovers!

Coming across domain names “in the wild” happened on many occasions, from the dry bar next to the hotel, the A/C servicing van, to the bike rental at Central Park plus many more domain sightings I have yet to document on DomainGang.

Visiting the 9/11 Memorial was a humbling experience, and I was in awe of the sheer volume of the missing World Trade Center buildings that were lost in 2001, substituted by two large basins with an endless flow of water. The memorial is a peaceful place with the names of those lost etched onto stone; their birthdays adorned by a rose:

“Every morning, the 9/11 Memorial & Museum recognizes the birthdays of the men, women and children whose names are inscribed on the 9/11 Memorial by placing a single white rose at each person’s name on their birthday.”

Below is a picture I took at one of these people’s names whose birthday was celebrated on that day; the picture below that shows the official web site,

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2 Responses to “Non .com #domain sightings : 9/11 Memorial .ORG in #NYC”
  1. BullS says:

    I was at the memorial last year and the buildings are marvelous.

    Don’t forget to slurp some good noodles in Chinatown.

    NY is a good place to visit but not to live!!! Will be there for the US Open

  2. DomainGang says:

    BullS – Had some great ramen noodles in Koreatown! BTW the .com is for sale by its owner, go to

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