North Korea bans dot .Ninja domains as ‘dangerous’ to national security

The government of North Korea has banned access to the newly introduced dot .Ninja domain names, as ‘dangerous to national security.

Political circles in Pyongyang confirmed that dot .Ninja is the first and only gTLD to be banned in North Korea, per the orders given by the North Korean ruler, Kim Jong-un.

“Supreme leader, Kim Jong-un, believes that the great Korean nation is in danger of being infiltrated by American capitalist pigs posing as traditional warriors from Japan,” said the statement.

“We will forcefully remove anyone attempting to corrupt the citizens of the great Korean nation though the introduction of dot .Ninja impersonators.”

North Koreans have no access to the Internet, and in the past they have threatened to shut it down with the use of ballistic missiles.

Fortunately, ICANN officials retained a safe distance from the North Korean missile range.

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