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NSA Share Now: Government agency unveils voluntary data submission program


For millions of Americans, NSA works towards making the process of sharing their personal info and data a painless experience.

A new app, NSA Share Now, is now available at the Google Play and Apple Store, and it’s already hitting new download records.


“Most law abiding citizens have nothing to hide, and we want to make it easy for them to get a thorough examination by our data crunching systems,” said Victor Moles of the NSA press department.

“It’s like going to the dentist: if you have no cavities, you will feel absolutely no pain, and our app is designed to give you a quick checkup,” added Moles.

NSA Share Now works in the background, transmitting all your private communication and other data to NSA servers, where they get checked for suspicious content.

Once cleared, you get a badge of approval and a rendezvous for periodic checks the following month. The more badges you earn, the higher your status with NSA remains.

“It’s like a video game, with Super Mario or Asteroids, and at NSA we want to keep people engaged and entertained,” said Victor Moles, adding: “Trust us, we are your best choice.”

The new app is free and comes with free updates for the next 20 years, so don’t forget to download it today.

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