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NSA whistle blower domain EdwardSnowden.com gets a ‘hot or not’ make-over


Yesterday, we wrote about the domain name EdwardSnowden.com being registered by someone who is not Edward Snowden.

Initially, the domain was forwarding to its registrant’s personal web site, but today it appears to host content about Edward Snowden, the NSA whistle blower currently holed up in a Hong Kong hotel.

Other than linking to the Wikipedia entry about Edward Snowden, the web site includes a live twitter feed generated by several hashtags and pointing to related accounts.

The main argument on EdwardSnowden.com is whether Edward Snowden is a “Hero or Villain?”

We would not know, as we never heard of the guy until yesterday. Today, the world knows that Edward Snowden’s $200,000 /year job will be given to someone else.

At the bottom of EdwardSnowden.com, this statement appears:

“created by @sparkycollier to encourage discussion of this important topic. Never knowingly endorsed by any employer or government or unicorn riding dragon slayers.”

It might be a coincidence, but DomainGang sustained a DDoS attack yesterday, not too long after the article was published.

So much for unicorns and dragons.

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