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Numeric .com domains rule : 1787.com just sold for mid five figures!

Numbers rule.

Numbers rule.

In case you missed the memo: numeric .com domains rule, and by that we don’t mean those weird, long combinations that compete with phone numbers in length!

Short, numeric domains, between 2 and 4 digits, are the easiest to remember.

Domain investor, Rick Schwartz, owns a bunch of NNN .com domains, last time we checked.

Obviously, dot .com domains are the top choice, but the paradigm can be replicated in other TLDs and gTLDs, or ccTLDs even.

In a recent auction, 11.org sold for $20,000 dollars. Some said it was undersold, others that the price was right.

Following on this trend comes the sale of 1787.com, for a massive $40,501 dollars.

Nine bidders fought tooth and nail, and three of them bid above $30,000 bucks.


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