Numeric domain market : sold to a Chinese buyer

There are 22 provinces in China and Guangdong is one of them.

The Chinese are buying short domains non-stop.

Rick Schwartz’s numeric domain sales are legendary; the sale of for $818,181.81 dollars was to a Chinese domain buyer.

The numeric domain market has exploded in recent years, and it’s expected to continue its trajectory, for as long as the Chinese remain in love with numbers.

We’ve received information that another NNN .com domain has sold.

From the looks of it, has changed ownership and the new registrant is – you guessed it – in China.

Registered in 1999, this memorable gem of a domain definitely commanded high six figures.

About 10 years ago, was owned by domain investor, Greg Ricks, who once owned Ricks owned hundreds of and domains at the time.

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