Obama or Romney? Domainers, PBS and the economy

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama went in deep waters and into the presidential debate yesterday.

At some point, Mitt Romney referred to domainers and domain investment as “not as bad or evil as PBS, but cybersquatters still have to go.

This incredible statement was a clear indication of where Mitt Romney’s dream of “regulation” is heading to: fewer opportunities to sell domain names, and more lowball offers by the federal government and its designated bidders on NameJet.

We were not swayed by President Obama either.

His statement about how “the deficit is on a good course, as long as one uses the BIN option on Sedo” was outright silly. It’s the way to go in communist China, perhaps, but that’s why Hong Kong is richer than the entire mainland.

Overall, the two candidates seemed to be out of touch with the state of the bad economy Americans live in.

Thank goodness TRAFFIC 2012 is coming and some serious domain sales will occur and will be publicized! 😀

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