Obnoxious pimp of ‘Cherokee letter’ domains sends out a press release

Last summer, in an article about the obnoxious “Cherokee letter domains” pusher, we got this great quote from Rick Schwartz:

“Sorry, I don’t even consider these of “Pigeon Shit” quality which until right now was the lowest form of worthless domains. We now have reached a new low.”

Apparently, these pseudo-IDN domains are up for renewal again, and what a better time for their pimp to send out a press release:

All these domains are for sale, but …

The titles of these domains are written in CHEROKEE CHARACTERS (Plantagenet Cherokee polices), and not in Latin ones.

For example, the ᎢᎪᏴᏞᎬᎢ.com domain name is not equivalent to tablet.com (written in Latin characters). The ᎢᎪᏴᏞᎬᎢ.com domain name that we sell is written in CHEROKEE CHARACTERS, which explains why it is not possible to use keyboard in order to type the text, the only way is to copy and paste it on browser.

These domains can be used in Ad banner, Email Campaign or Adwords Campaign, because Cherokee letters are acceptable.

Just copy and paste in text ad. How it appears, see link below

They can be used to dramatically increase CTR. Because Cherokee letters are more memorable, meaning a stronger identity and standing out from the masses.

Note: Browsers transform the names of such domains. For example, ᎢᎪᏴᏞᎬᎢ.com would be transformed to its punycode : xn--78daxi3wte.com

To conclude, this is a perfect supplement to main domain. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at [redacted]

For Sale :
ᏀᎪᎷᎬ.com punycode (xn--g9de6a8a.com)
ᏀᎪᎷᎬᏚ.com (xn--g9de6a8azj.com)
ᏟᎪᏒ.com (xn--g9d4fpb.com)
ᏟᎪᏒᏚ.com (xn--g9d4fyar.com)
ᎳᎬᏴ.com (xn--i9dn0r.com)
ᎷᏴᎪ.com (xn--g9dz3o.com)
ᏒᎬᎻᎪᏴ.com (xn--g9dd9b4e0h.com)
ᏟᎪᎷᎬᏒᎪ.com (xn--g9daf7byi0c.com)
ᏚᎬᎪᏒᏟᎻ.com (xn--g9dd0c5eqb7a.com)
ᎷᎪᏚᏚᎪᏀᎬ.com (xn--g9dag5b7b2ja.com)
ᏟᎻᎪᏚᎬ.com (xn--g9de7b9gwa.com)
ᏴᎬᎠ.com (xn--58dx9s.com)
ᎪᏒᎢ.com (xn--78dp4j.com)
ᏒᎬᎪᏞᎬᏚᎢᎪᎢᎬ.com (xn--78dawbhbd11arcub.com)
ᎷᎪᎢᏟᎻ.com (xn--78dp2bs3p.com)
ᏟᎪᏒᎬ.com (xn--g9de7i1b.com)
ᎠᎬᎪᏞᏚ.com (xn--58duf9pta.com)
ᏟᎪᏚᎻ.com (xn--g9d8awfsa.com)
ᎢᎬᎪ.com (xn--78dqf.com)
ᏴᎬᎠᏚ.com (xn--58dx3l0d.com)
ᎠᏒᎬᏚᏚ.com (xn--58dyzi7aa.com)
ᎠᏒᎬᏚᏚᎬᏚ.com (xn--58dya4mqbab.com)
ᏟᎪᏴᏞᎬ.com (xn--g9de3mc0i.com)
ᏟᎻᎬᏟᏦᏚ.com (xn--i9d3a8frac6b.com)
ᎢᎪᏴᏞᎬᎢ.com (xn--78daxi3wte.com)
ᎢᎪᏴᏞᎬᎢᏚ.com (xn--78daxi5uva7m.com)
ᏚᎻᎬᎬᎢᏚ.com (xn--78dta2d9he.com)
ᎷᎪᎢᎢᏒᎬᏚᏚ.com (xn--78dawk5c4j6ba.com)
ᎷᎪᎢᎢᏒᎬᏚᏚᎬᏚ.com (xn--78dawka5dwkncab.com)
ᏚᏢᎪ.com (xn--g9d9gya.com)
ᎠᎪᎢᎪᏴᎪᏚᎬ.com (xn--58dexbam53a6g.com)
ᎻᎬᎪᏞᎢᎻᏟᎪᏒᎬ.com (xn--78dpbfd9fd9p0dm.com)
ᎠᏚᏞ.com (xn--58d0jma.com)
ᏞᎪᏴᎬᏞᏚ.com (xn--g9de2lnac4k.com)
ᎷᎪᎢᎻ.com (xn--78dp2bs.com)
ᎬᎠ.com (xn--58dx.com)

Also consider Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics :
ᗅᑕ.com (xn--cfe94e.com)
ᗅᖴ.com (xn--dpe7a.com)
ᗅᗅ.com (xn--upea.com)
ᖴᗷ.com (xn--dpe8k.com)
ᗅᗞ.com (xn--upe4c.com)
ᗅᗷ.com (xn--upe4h.com)
ᑕᗅ.com (xn--cfe05e.com)
ᑕᗞ.com (xn--cfe00f.com)
ᐯᗅ.com (xn--8de62f.com)
ᒪᗅ.com (xn--rhe08c.com)
ᕼᗞ.com (xn--rne0r. com)
ᖴᒪ.com (xn--rhe54c.com)
ᖴᗅ.com (xn--dpe8a.com)
ᗞᑕ.com (xn--cfe99e.com)
ᕼᗅ.com (xn--rne0m.com)
ᒎᑕ.com (xn--cfe7i.com)
ᒪᒪ.com (xn--rhea.com)
ᗷᗷ.com (xn--9qea.com)
ᗷᗅ.com (xn--upe3h.com)
ᗅᒪ.com (xn--rhe97c.com)
ᗷᑕ.com (xn--cfe94f.com)
ᗞᐯᗞ.com (xn--8de57fba.com)
ᗅᗅᗅ.com (xn--upeaa.com)
ᗅᒪᒪ.com (xn--rhea16f.com)
ᗅᖴᖴ.com (xn--dpea3c.com)
ᑕᗅᗞ.com (xn--cfe05efc.com)
ᒪᑕᗞ.com (xn--cfe3o87a.com)
ᖴᕼᗅ.com (xn--rne5i2b.com)
ᗷᗅᗞ.com (xn--upe4cwd.com)
ᗅᗞᗞ.com (xn--upe4ca.com)
ᗅᗷᑕ.com (xn--cfe94eke.com)
ᒪᒪᑕ.com (xn--cfe3oa.com)
ᗷᗷᑕ.com (xn--cfe94fa.com)
ᖴᗞᗅ.com (xn--dpe8a6d.com)

Contact our domain name broker :
(011) 33 670 *** ***

Looks like a steamy pile of manure to us, making anyone with Cherokee blood quite unhappy at how their alphabet is being abused to facilitate spammy ads, not to mention that a lot of those imitation domains are infringing on the trademarks of real ones.

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