#Ocademy .com : Mike Mann’s latest public sales and #domain portfolio stats

Domain entrepreneur, Mike Mann.

Domain investor and entrepreneur, Mike Mann, announced one more sale via social media – that of Ocademy.com for $24,888 dollars.

The domain cost a mere $7 bucks to register in 2010.

In recent days, Mike shared more domain sales data, in particular:

  • AnimeGate.com for $12,888 – acquired for $70
  • TechSwag.com for $24,888 – acquired for $7
  • DynamicInsight.com for $28,500 – acquired for $354
  • KrossBow.com for $20,000 – acquired for $7

Alongside these sales, Mike Mann shared some insight on his portfolio of approximately 300,000 domain names, and an anecdote from the past.

Said Mike:

I’ve appraised and priced 350,000 premium domain names manually at DomainMarket.com, and about same number at BuyDomains.com (my former company), a feat that nobody will ever be able to copy.

Most of the approx 700K domains I’ve appraised were done 2 or 3 times to be current.

I bought about 1% (800,000) of the domains I studied, at 2 companies (reviewed half the .com auctioned or deleted in my time; roughly 80 million potential brands.)

Now that’s the true essence of a hyper-active domain name investor!

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