Offer $250 : Owner of crap #domains blames the #Coronavirus for string of bad sales

“The Coronvirus is to blame,” says domainer Samuel Al Bakiri, as his domain sales have dwindled down.

The Lebanese domain investor from Texas is upset with the local government’s decision to close down businesses, as lack of investor capital has affected his domain sales.

“Obviously, it’s not my fault, as my domain names are superb,” says Samuel Al Bakiri, pouting. “It’s the Covid-19 that has damaged people’s intentions to handshake a deal, and the governor must open the state immediately!” exclaims Bakiri.

But are Bakiri’s claims accurate?

We took a look at his domain portfolio that he provided, and under the Excel tab “Top domains for sale” he had listed the following gems:


Samuel Al Bakiri defended his registrations as “superb,” stating:

“Only ignorant investors that have a thin skin believe it’s not ok to register Coronavirus domains. I am very experienced as a domain investor, who are you to say otherwise?”

Clearly, crap domains won’t sell, but if you find anything you like on that list of domains, make an offer of at least $250 dollars to

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