Oh, the irony : #ICANN64 participants cry foul over missing amenities

ICANN64 participants are crying foul over the lack of irons at the main hotel hosting the event.

The travesty is understandable.

Travelers from around the world packed their clothes for at least half a day or more, to travel to Japan.

Once there, unpacking reveals the issue: clothes are wrinkled, and need to be ironed.

There are no free irons per room, and only a handful of hangers to let clothes breathe. When you have a week of ICANN meetings, this can be an obvious disaster.

What is considered a standard hotel amenity in the West, seems to be missing in Japan’s hotels at Kobe. Being lean and minimalistic is after all, a Japanese trait.

After several complaints were made, the hotel’s management announced “ironing stations” are available for the ICANN64 participants. Signs were set up, and everyone should be looking less wrinkly for the gala dinner.

ICANN64 ironing. Photo courtesy Erika Mann.

ICANN ironing – not an issue in the past.

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