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One last round: LTU.com goes back on the auction block at DropCatch

LTU.com, the second youngest LLL .com domain in the world, is back on the auction block.

After dropping almost a month ago, LTU.com was auctioned off, ending at $35,550 dollars.

The auction’s winner, however, became a deadbeat after apparently not paying for the auction over the course of more than two weeks.

We wondered if DropCatch would be keeping the domain to themselves, after almost a month passed.

This, however, is not the case and LTU.com is now in a live auction at DropCatch, with several bidders from the first auction – excluding the deadbeat winner, of course.

Hopefully this time around the winner will pay. It took 3 auctions for KAU.com—the third youngest LLL .com in the world—to get paid!

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One Response to “One last round: LTU.com goes back on the auction block at DropCatch”
  1. Alex says:

    Turkish bidders lol 🙂 Turkish bidders.. Ruining domaining everywhere… They are bidding but not paying…

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