NFT keyword domain is now for sale at Sedo

Sedo, our premium sponsor, announced the availability of—a major NFT keyword—via a timed auction. was registered in 2002, presumably due to its generic nature. is the most popular NFT platform, with millions of dollars in daily transactions.

In recent weeks, a fake OpenSea .com domain was apparently used in some type of spam or phishing attempt.

If were to upgrade its brand it would take between $500,000 dollars and $1,000,000 dollars to do so. That’s the reserved price range for the domain

The auction begins on Sedo on October 14th and it will last a week, as part of the GreatDomains auction scheduled for that time.

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  1. OpenSeaSucks says:

    Another important domain that goes with that…

    Ying & Yang
    Yan & Yin

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