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#Oprah 2020 and #domains : Was it planned all along?

There are rumors that Oprah, one of the biggest entrepreneurial TV celebrities, will run for US president in 2020.

Oprah delivered a strong speech of her own, during the Golden Globe Awards that carried presidential overtones.

Speaking on the multiple incidents of sexual harassment in the news and entertainment industries, Oprah stood strong, delivering the news for those affected, that “a new day is on the horizon.”

This line, can be construed as a hint of a bid at the presidency in 2020, with Oprah bidding for the highest government position as president of the United States.

Should she succeed in that, it’d be the first time a woman becomes president of USA. In many other countries around the world, that glass ceiling for women broke decades ago.

Looking at domain registrations, it seems that there have been plans or hints of this potential move, as far back as in 2016; the domain name Oprah2020.com was registered then.

Not surprisingly, other extensions, such as .net and .org, were registered after Oprah’s empowering speech at the Golden Globe Awards.

Is it already domain buying season for the politically driven domain entrepreneurs? While OprahForPresident.com was registered this past October, we don’t think that NOprah.com is related. 😀

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