Orange is the new Green : GoDaddy’s transformation for the domain market

GoDaddy is the #1 domain registrar in the world with 13 million customers worldwide and more than 61 million domain names under management

The early days and glorious times enjoyed by GoDaddy were preoccupied by controversial advertising campaigns.

Someone’s obsession with using buxom female bodies or models that struggled to add sexy to geeky, finally gave way to a quality transformation.

GoDaddy had to re-invent its own brand, in a way that not many large companies are able to.

The loss of “eye candy” imagery gave way to real world elements of entrepreneurship, ease of use and consistent service. GoDaddy’s support still faces challenges but it’s a far cry from the frustrating times it was known for.

But the changes don’t end there.

During NamesCon 2016, GoDaddy presented orange as its primary color, stepping away from the familiar green it’s been known for.

Studies have shown that orange is a warm color that attracts attention and instills confidence, more so than colder colors such as green. And the overall consensus is that GoDaddy is finally on the right marketing path.

Here are some photos from NamesCon, courtesy of GoDaddy.

godaddy2 godaddy3

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2 Responses to “Orange is the new Green : GoDaddy’s transformation for the domain market”
  1. Paul Nicks says:

    Love the pics. Can’t say orange was a company branding decision though, as I designed those shirts for the conference. Knowing we had a green booth I figured the orange would both stand out in the crowd and serve as a reasonable contrast to the green booth.

    If you look at our official website branding you’ll see that green is still very much “the new green”.


  2. DomainGang says:

    Paul – Great marketing decision. The GoDaddy folks stood out from everyone else among the 1,100+ attendees.

    Anytime I saw orange I was ready to talk about GoDaddy related stuff. Until I ran into a Dutch guy sporting his country’s colors. 😀

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