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Oscar night sucked the living lights out of important domain news

Once again, the Oscars proved to be devastating for the domain community, that relied on content filters to locate even a single post worth reading.

Wading through millions of Oscar tweets, domain investors expressed their frustration and agony over the future of domaining.

“Oscars, who gives a crap about that over-rated glitz gala, when the Academy sued GoDaddy?” asked Bob P., a domainer from Phoenix, Arizona.

“As domainers we get 3 hours of headaches trying to read some important domain news, such as how many dozens of domains sold for $200 on Sedo or TDNAM, and get none!” exclaimed Bob P.

Oscars 2014 were funnier.

Oscars 2014 were funnier.

An overflow of news unrelated to domains spilled over onto the Domaining.com timeline as well; many news by the “Reporter” bot that scours the Internet for domain news when bloggers are asleep, has been irrelevant.

“Damn, damn, damn you Oscars!” exclaimed Osmond Figlet of San Diego, California, adding: “I can’t find a single related piece of domain news to copy and paste!”

Domain news is expected to catch up full force tomorrow, with the majority of domain related news focusing on Oscar night and which actor doesn’t own their .com domain.

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    Nice edited picture!

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    Hey Man ….. Vidfie is the new way to do selfies !

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