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Outbreak! Domain-eating bacteria turn .COM portfolios into .CO

Dot .COM domains are mutating into .CO.

Dot .COM domains are mutating into .CO.

BREAKING: A new type of bacteria that attack silicon is putting large, aged and valuable domain name portfolios to danger.

There have been numerous such cases in the wild, indicating that the newly-classified bacterium, Domainococcus Neanderthalensis, assaults the microcode of .COM domain names, focusing on the last character of the TLD.

“We are actively observing the situation, that renders fully qualified .COM domains into .CO in under 24 hours,” said Gerry Germer, of the Miskatonic University in Massachusetts.

“While .CO domains retain a lot of value when converted into active web sites, we are not aware why this genetic mutation affects the TLD microcode of .COM domains,” added Germer.

Lori Anne Wardi of the .CO Registry has issued the following statement regarding the recent transition of .COM domains into .CO:

“Throughout the entire lineage of human evolution, genetic mutations played an important role in the advancement of Homo Sapiens. What we are seeing here is nature’s own way to allocate new, evolutionary TLDs such as .CO as the de facto TLD for decades to come.”

While not everyone is educated about the potential of .CO domains, the attack of .COM domains by Domainococcus Neanderthalensis appears to be irreversible.

If you are concerned about your domain portfolio, the .CO Registry has set up an informational web site about the recent outbreak.

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  1. fizz says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Recently I had been blaming this on a sticky m on my keyboard.

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