OZY.com: Sorry, this LLL #domain won’t be going for sale soon

OZY.com is the three letter .com domain (LLL) of OZY Media, an online media publisher that recently announced it’s closing down. Within a week, the company retracted its shutting down memo, and it’s here to stay.

Ever heard of OZY Media?

OZY Media uses the domain OZY.com

Not us, but apparently it has a 25 million readership and a variety of celebrities attended its Ozy Fest event gathering. We’re not the only ones who don’t have a clue about OZY Media, however; The Verge declared its own acknowledgement in an article aptly titled, “Ozy Media shuts down just one week after most of us found out it exists.

So don’t feel bad about not knowning who is OZY Media, but they do operate from OZY.com and that domain isn’t going away soon.

Registered in 1999, the domain was in the possession of UK-based portal TalkSurgery.com until mid-2013. It was apparently sold at the time and since OZY Media is a privately held company there are no SEC records related to financial filings.

As a start-up, OZY Media was funded with a $5.3 million seed round and we can speculate that they paid fair market value for the domain OZY.com in 2013, perhaps six figures.

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  1. amplify says:

    Aren’t these the clowns that tried to scam Goldman Sachs out of $40 million by impersonating to be a YouTube employee on a conference call and then blamed it all on mental health when the sham fell to pieces?

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