Pacific independence : #Hawaii rolls out its own #ccTLD domain names

Hawaii is the youngest US state, joining 49 others on August 21, 1959.

The isolated volcanic archipelago in the Central Pacific, consists of six main islands, renowned for their rugged landscapes of cliffs, waterfalls, tropical foliage and exotic beaches.

Hawaii now has the world’s youngest ccTLD domain on the planet, dot .HI.

Dot .Hi domains – Photo by Scott Johnson on Unsplash

“Hawaiians love to say alooooooha and mahalo, and as a former kingdom we decided to join numerous other entrepreneurial countries around the world, by launching our own ccTLD to sell catchy domain names from,” said Dot .Hi operations manager, Nihopalaoa Pilialoha.

“We’re still part of the US and proud of it, but the latest volcanic explosions are becoming quite costly, we needed to find a new source of income for Hawaii,” added Nihopalaoa Pilialoha.

Millions of .Hi domain names will be made available for registration and some of them at premium prices. Just like other domain Registries, Dot. Hi operates with a healthy business model in mind.

“If you want a fun, short, memorable domain name that says “Hi” to you, get a dot .Hi and impress your friends and co-workers,” said Nihopalaoa Pilialoha, adding: “Hi is the ultimate icebreaker among strangers as well.”

Dot .Hi begins rolling out this summer, so plan ahead to register the best domain names, and forget .APP for a while.

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