Pakistani domainer seeks $22 million dollars “to retire as a farmer”

When it comes to money, domain lowballers offer "stripper tips."

Domainer wants $22 million dollars for his portfolio.

A Pakistani domain investor is seeking a portfolio sale to the tune of $22 million dollars.

The domain portfolio consists of many LLL .com domains, generic .com domains and some two word .com compounds.

Among the three letter .com listed for sale, are gems such as and

According to the email, he’s seeking $5 million dollars for the latter alone!

The email making the rounds among domain investors has this intro:

“I am retiring to a life of farming in Pakistan & decided to sell my domains to raise the $22m needed. All prices are firm, first to initiate transaction with wins.”

The domain appears to belong to someone in Pakistan, but in recent years the same company, Rivers of Honey Ltd, was listed with British Virgin Islands as its locale.

Here is the domain list:

We reached out to the owner of the domains via NamePros, to ensure these are indeed for sale and not stolen property.

His response was:

“Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

This is indeed my colleague.

The part about moving to Pakistan to be a farmer is just his terrible attempt at humour. I can confirm these domains are safe in our account and they are indeed for sale. “

It seems that the portfolio sale is indeed legit, only the “Pakistani farmer” reference was just a crafty idea to spin more interest in the domains for sale.

Apparently, it worked. 😀

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