Panama Papers : Top 10 shocking revelations about domain investors via Wikileaks

Panama Papers and domain investors.

Panama Papers and domain investors.

Wikileaks rolled out millions of documents originating from a law firm based in Panama.

The leaked documents, known as “Panama Papers,” contain a substantial amount of information related to high rolling domain investors.

We perused approximately half of the documents so far, and we’re ready to share some of the results with our readers.

You might find them shocking, as we did, or shake your head in disbelief.

Here are the top 10 shocking revelations about domain investors via Wikileaks and the “Panama Papers.”

  • Rick Schwartz – Bought a small island off the coast of Boca Raton, spending 1/3 of his sale proceeds. The island is called Rick’s Island.
  • Mike Berkens – Seen hauling around heavy luggage; some speculated that’s where he keeps the proceeds from the GoDaddy portfolio sale. The fact is, the luggage is 85 lbs of 24 karat gold, painted over to look like luggage. Nice!
  • Frank Schilling – Invested $2.4 million in space technology that will send Uniregistry’s HQ to the stratosphere by 2021. Galaxy quest!
  • Mike Mann – Bought his own rock band with money from the sale of two domains. Great ROI!
  • Daniel Negari – Created a money machine that prints dollars and XYZ domains, and this is how he bought
  • Drew Rosener – His Panamanian residence is pure coincidence. Went there for the ample fishing. Zero leaks on this one.
  • Castello Brothers – Bought a 12th century castle in Italy, a winery and a stake in Ferrari for eight figures.
  • Mike Robertson – Sold his stake in an unmentionable Aussie company, bought a parrot, a panda and a kangaroo with some of the money. Very frugal lad.
  • Michael Cyger – After shutting down the Canadian revenue stream, his new publication DNAlechemy has generated $2.7 million so far, and raving reviews.
  • Shane Cultra – Expanded his plant nursery by 100 acres, planting Chinese perennials and testing exotic micro-climate conditions, such as that of Samoa. Great results so far.
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