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Parasitic Capitalism? Ebola.com domain owner called a ‘Squatter’

This is not your father's Internet.

Everyone has an opinion on the Internet.

Parasitic capitalism.

This is the latest and greatest reference to the availability of the domain, Ebola.com, for $150,000, by the Foreign Policy – a publication that describes itself as “A Trusted Advisor for Global Leaders When the Stakes are Highest.

Describing Jon Schultz, owner of the domain name Ebola.com as a “squatter“, the article attempts to paint domain investing in a much more negative light:

“In today’s information economy, there are few more useless money-grubbers than domain squatters, and that is exactly who owns Ebola.com. Blue String Ventures, the company sitting on the domain, is asking for a mere $150,000 to transfer ownership of the site. “

The article is written by Elias Groll, editorial assistant to the Foreign Policy and a native of Sweden.

Perhaps, articles that are blatant opinions versus journalistic reportage, should be discounted as biased pieces of mis-information?

For the full article, click here.

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