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Parents : Don’t spank your kids if they register new gTLD domains

Millennials make choices differently than their parents, particularly in technology and that includes domain names.

The new generation is growing up in a world that embraces many different TLDs, not just .com, .net and .org.

Parents need to understand that, when they decide to discipline their kids for being different!

A recent incident involving an old school domain investor, whose 15 year old son “dared” to register .LINK, .CLICK and .DESIGN domains came to light.

The son was grounded, then got spanked bare-ass by the domainer father, after refusing to delete the domains he registered.

The father, on the other hand, remained untouched.

“My son should learn not to mouth off. I told him to delete that crap and stick with .com, and he would not listen. I will spank him again, until I beat some sense into his brain!”

Such rage from a father, whose domain sales declined in recent years after he failed to invest in the new Internet namespace.

Thousands of domain investors, many of them parents, are embracing “different” gTLDs and respect their kids’ choices.

Don’t be like this violent parent. Respect your kids, respect their domain choices.

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