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Parking domains? Bodis about to improve its PPC platform

Bodis announces new DNS features.

Bodis announces changes to traffic counters.

Bodis, the domain parking company, announced that upcoming changes and improvements will be rolled out next month.

If you are using Bodis, and are valuing your domains depending on the amount of traffic they receive, you might want to take note on the detailed release below:

“As part of our ongoing efforts to make Bodis a more transparent platform, on July 1, 2014 we will roll out a new algorithm, which effectively improves the way our landing pages track and validate visitors. Currently, our system is set up to discard the counting of certain visitors deemed invalid.

The new algorithm will replace the current one, and henceforth we will be able to more accurately distinguish between valid and invalid traffic, thus showing more realistic numbers with many domain names. As a result your visitor numbers may seem higher than currently. Revenue will remain unaffected.

We hope this change will be perceived the same way as to how the Bodis team feels about it. Eventually, the change will add a higher degree of accuracy and transparency to our network. Please keep in mind that these changes will not in any way affect the revenue generated by your domain names.”

For more information, visit Bodis.com.

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