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ParkingCrew bans “far right” content from PPC revenue counters

No neo-nazi stuff allowed on ParkingCrew.

ParkingCrew has updated its Terms of Service (TOS) and now bans certain types of content, disallowing it from its PPC revenue calculator.

The new TOS has to be agreed to, before gaining access to one’s ParkingCrew account, and contains the following interesting addition, among others:

11. No campaigns/ads are running on any sensitive sites – such as ultra-conservative news sites, fake news sites, hate sites, conspiracy sites etc.

One could argue that the reference to “ultra-conservative news sites” carries a certain amount of political bias, and our reader Dale G. thought so as well, and provided this information.

For example, there are plenty of liberal web sites that take news to the opposite extreme; if that’s not in the ParkingCrew TOS, then there might be a definition issue.

The German company has yet to update its static Terms of Service page.

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3 Responses to “ParkingCrew bans “far right” content from PPC revenue counters”
  1. Michael M says:

    I did not realize this post was from a year ago, and I imagine you won’t let this comment to be posted – but not sure why I got blocked on twitter for reacting to this and saying banning any side’s point of view was wrong.

    Disappointed in you @DomainGang. I had always looked at you as reasonable.


  2. Michael M says:

    I know you aren’t going to publish my comments, and I won’t be going to your website after today – But I just want to let you know you certainly lost a potential advertiser. Great business decision on your part to block and mute someone for a view.

    You could have always asked me to take the comment down if it was offensive to a current advertiser – or your personal political beliefs. (which I don’t understand because I would not use any company that marginalized either political party – not just my own)

    You are getting a little more attention/time from me than you deserve, but this is a recent trend I am growing tied of. All I want to do is help the domaining community and try to thread the needle between the political divide when possible.

    Good Day,

  3. DomainGang says:

    Michael – I’ve no issue with publishing comments, simply to respond to your jackass attitude. Your accusations are baseless and if you want to keep on ranting, start your own blog.

    I don’t judge your own views, and in the same manner I am not going to get schooled by someone who just complains about my publication. Advertising dollars? Oh, please. Grow some thicker skin.

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