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Part 6 : More Elequa LLL .com domains make it to the Chinese market

Elequa - Photo courtesy Cate Colgan.

Elequa – Photo courtesy Cate Colgan.

It’s been several days that FMA.com, the web site of legendary domain investor, Thunayan K. AL-Ghanim (Elequa) is down.

We aren’t sure why, but Elequa was made aware of this downtime a few days ago. Some other major web sites, such as Ibiza.com, share the same DNS and are also down.

Meanwhile, the flow of LLL .com domains owned by Future Media Architects to the Chinese domain market has slowed down substantially.

The brokerage is done jointly with Domain Name Sales and a mysterious Chinese domain broker. DNS would not elaborate on the subject, citing an existing NDA.

Regardless, we managed to locate several LLL .com and NNNN .com domains en route to China, so here is the latest chunk.

  • QHY.com
  • 5572.com
  • 5605.com
  • JZP.com
  • QZN.com
  • QGP.com
  • QKM.com
  • QGF.com
  • QGK.com
  • TKY.com

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