Pick your Axe at the Domain conference door

Through an in-depth analysis of what constitutes the biggest problem at domain conferences today, we were able to create a series of solutions regarding the eating habits of domainers.

But what about body odor (BO) that occurs naturally? And by naturally, we don’t mean in the stables where horses sleep standing up.

Body odor is the byproduct of fermentation and processing of enzymes inside our body and their often excessive release through the pores of the skin.

If you’ve ever been in the unlucky position to share a seat that was previously occupied by a person with BO, you’ll surely know what we mean.

“I went to that gathering of domainers in NYC and my God, this guy was like, smelling like an ox and sweating from his neck and palms, it was horrible”, said Jocelyn Marie Milanakis, a domainer from Queens, NY.

“I was like, dude, I know you’re excited seeing me in my black mini skirt and all, but I don’t have to talk domains with your stench in my face. Hello?!”

To counter this phenomenon, domain conferences will soon introduce the Odor Booth – an enclosure that one can enter and get sprayed on with the perfume of their choice.

“The Odor Booth will be leased out to conferences in order for their participants to get rejuvenated”, said Max Axxon of Axe International.

“We are marking this brand new concept for all professionals who while they don’t forget to bring their laptops and PDAs along, they often forget to take a shower”, he added.

Sponsored by the makers of the Axe fragrance, the Odor Booth will offer all domainers the opportunity to smell good – especially during the speed-networking sessions that generate a lot of sweat.

Was your personal space ever violated by a person with BO?

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4 Responses to “Pick your Axe at the Domain conference door”
  1. tricolorro says:


    I just regged OdorBooth.com and TheOdorBooth.com.

    Do you think I should also reg the plural version?

    How about in the .CO extension?

    Should I Park or Mass Develop the names?

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Tric – I think you are axe-ing for trouble 😀

    About Mass Development, please visit M.assDevelopment.com

  3. Developin 4 life says:

    wazup wit dat M.ass Development Yo? gangsta fo life yo..reminds me wen I was wit my homies, jus chillin at da crib wit some fine ass bitches developin an shit, jus me an my peeps yo. gotta run yo, word out.

  4. BullS says:

    Another man’s odor is another man aroma of sensuality

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