Pigeon Domain man breaks his silence about droppings

PigeonDomains launches new domain service.

PigeonDomains launches new domain service.

The mysterious man behind the ‘guano‘ postings at PigeonDomains.com broke his two-year-plus silence today, with an article covering the imminent launch of PigeonDroppings.com

Interviewed by DomainGang in 2010, the Pigeon Domain man stated today:

“PigeonDomains is happy to announce plans to once again, one-up the competition by launching our own PigeonDroppings.com, a comprehensive resource for domainers to catch the many tens-of-thousands of expiring pigeon-shit domains that are let go into the ‘public pool’ each day by so many pigeons.”

The interest in pigeon shit domains has increased in recent months, after Rick Schwartz drew the definitive line between those domains worthy of ‘joint ventures‘ and those that are ‘pigeon shit‘.

You can read the full article here.

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