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We’ve seen these smart comments on various domain blogs, coming from someone going as “Pigeon Domains“.

Ever since Rick Schwartz started using the term “pigeon droppings” or even “pigeon shit”, the use of the term by domainers in reference to worthless domains one cannot monetize escalated.

When you are handed lemons, make lemonade. Not sure if that was said by Aesop, but regardless – someone registered PigeonDomains.com.

Here’s a quick interview we conducted, to find out more about the PigeonDomains project, its modus operandi and what’s coming up in the future for all holders of “domain pigeon droppings”

OK, so you named this project “Pigeon Domains”. Can derogatory terms and classifications set a new business paradigm?

PigeonDomains.com – I don’ t know about business paradigms, but take the case of the term ‘Donkey’ in the poker world. I believe the term was first coined by professional poker player Phil Hellmuth as a derisive term for a bad player that manages to win on dumb luck.   The term spread like wildfire and managed to become a part of every poker players lexicon.  I saw the same thing as it was happening with the word ‘pigeon’ in the domain world.  So donkey is to poker as pigeon is to domaining. Coincidentally, with regard to Phil Hellmuth, people seem to either love him or hate him, but either way you have to respect his game.  I feel the same could be said of Rick Schwartz among domainers.

Lovely. Just don’t use the terms “donkey” and “punch” together! About the man who coined the phrase – Rick Schwartz – is he a domain gospel writer or simply the right man in the right place at the right time?

PigeonDomains.com – There’s no denying Rick’s vision. That coupled with his god-given ability to ‘hype’. I personally regard him as the Don King of domaining. All the more curious when you consider that ‘Don King’ is a truncated version of ‘Domain King’.

It takes a lot to infuriate Rick. He says he detests assholes. Now, kidding aside, what constitutes a “pigeon domain” ?

PigeonDomains.com – I think the fairest description is that of a domain that’s losing you money. Remember the bridge collapse in Minnesota? They claimed that the acidity of accumulated Pigeon Shit weakened the steel trusses. Whether that’s true or not, let’s say that pigeon domains weaken your portfolio and eat through your profit margins, ultimately inviting the collapse of your domaining business.

I get it. So selling you a bridge or selling pigeon shit should be one and the same! But could it be that there’s a treasure in every junkyard?

PigeonDomains.com – Sure. And there’s a diamond in every coal mine. You know, eventually someone’s going to name their kid “gr0mulus”, or whatever. On the other hand, sometimes you just need the knob on the radio to complete your mint 1964 Chevy Impala. The trouble is those collectors are too few and far between, and what happens is you end up wasting time trying to liquidate 99% of your junk domains on the forums, which becomes a lot of work for little reward.

Now that’s some twisted sense of humor but I do like your analysis. So are generics + exotic TLDs better than long-tail “pigeon domains” + com?

PigeonDomains.com – Good one. It really depends on the purpose for which you’re investing, IMO.  That said, I think we could plot a spectrum of different classes of domain investments, and both of these would fall somewhere on the marginal sides.  In both cases you’d  need to move larger volumes to get where you’re going, which involves more overhead and greater risk.  Still, a pigeon is a pigeon.  Maybe we could refer to certain TLDs as “pTLDs”!

Hey, we all knew Rick Schwartz opened up a can of worms with that classification of domain species! So what is the goal of PigeonDomains.com, how do you plan to utilize it?

PigeonDomains.com – The trouble is when you’ve started off on the wrong (pigeon) foot, this happens when many domainers are first starting out, (myself included) and you lack the direct knowledge and experience to invest appropriately, and now you’re towing a truckload of pigeon shit, sales aren’t happening, and you’ve burned through too much initial capital trying to bootstrap.  If you had more capital coming to reinvest you might just cut your losses and run, but otherwise you’ve got to do your best to liquidate and recover some cash.  This is why I’ve opened PigeonDomains.com to provide a central platform for domainers to list their pigeon shit for sale.  You can also talk about your experience if you like. Anyone can register for free, create a profile and start blogging.

Thanks for the insight and best of luck with the PigeonDomains.com project!

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4 Responses to “PigeonDomains.com – Not your average domain guano!”
  1. BullS says:

    PigeonDomains.com aka BullShitDomains.com aka BullshitSeo.com and finally the product is BullShitWebsites dot com

    Guess who owns those domains and yes I am making big BS $$$ from those.

    Call it the way it is….

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Sorry BullS – someone else was there before you this time 🙂 but there is always .co

  3. BullS says:

    Huh–what do you mean??? Dude—I am the proud owner of those domains and making BS money in BS Billions..

    check out my pickup http://www.BullShitDomains.com

    I love driving my pickup around Microsoft campus!!

    Lucius “Guns” Fabrice says:
    July 20, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    Sorry BullS – someone else was there before you this time 🙂 but there is always .co

  4. Steroids UK says:

    I’m helping save the pigeons by buying some nearly every week, co.uk’s with plenty of dashes and low typeins 🙂

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