Pinfringement .com : Creative domain used in lawsuit against Francesca’s jewelry

A copyright infringement lawsuit has been brought against Francesca’s, an online retailer of women’s clothing and accessories, along with two associate vendors.

The complaint was filed on Friday in the US District Court, Southern District of New York; the plaintiffs allege that the companies have been selling copies of their unique designs.

Eleven artists are seeking copyright infringement penalties and damages, up to $4 million dollars.

To demonstrate their case and share with the public examples of the copied pins, the plaintiffs have set up a web site on the domain

The word “pinfringement” is an amalgam of pin and infringement, quite creative, from a marketing and domaining standpoint.

Some of these designs include a pin of a pickle inscribed with the phrase “dill with it” and pizza slice bearing the message “true love.”

Here are some samples of the copied designs below – visit for the full details on lawsuit against Francesca’s.

Pin designs involved in the lawsuit against Francesca’s.


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