PIR Registry raises .ORG domain prices once again

Taking advantage of its contract with ICANN, the .ORG Registry, PIR, is rising prices once again.

On August 1st, wholesale prices will be increased by 10% and the cost will be passed onto the consumers, naturally, by their respective Registrars.

PIR is not the only domain Registry to raise prices per their ICANN agreement; Verisign, domain Registry for .COM and .NET domains, does so every year as well.

PIR, managers of .ORG domains.

PIR, managers of .ORG domains. PIR stands for “Public Interest Registry.”

With the abundance in domain extensions, it’s yet to be explained what exactly is it that mandates the perpetual increase in pricing.

If anything, Registries should learn to face competition, lowering their retail prices.

Be warned that some domain Registrars round up the price increases to the nearest dollar. In the meantime, renew or transfer your .ORG domains before August 1st, if you want to maximize your savings.


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