Pizzazzed Paper : Dot-Com domains “in the wild”

Lots and lots of businesses, from small to large, rely on a good-old .com domain to expand their online presence.

We often come across such “real life” instances of .com domain usage, and we share them with our readers.

Last time it was That Sharpening Guy, now’s the turn of Pizzazzed Paper, a unique jewelry business in Orlando, Florida.

Operating from the domain, its creator makes custom jewelry from recycled paper!

Anything from maps, to music score sheets to old newspapers (really!) can be used to create amazing creations that are fancy and lightweight.

We were told that US banknotes and other paper money cannot be used to make jewelry, but with so many options, who wants to wear cash around their neck? 😀

For a great selection of custom jewelry made out of recycled paper, visit

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One Response to “Pizzazzed Paper : Dot-Com domains “in the wild””
  1. Eric Lyon says:

    “Pizzazzed” is one of those words that could be hard for people to remember how to spell at first. Kind of like “Mississippi”. Not sure it was very smart branding with “Pizzazzed Paper”, however, it does kind of have a ring to it once you say it 10 to 15 times. It wouldn’t have been my first choice 🙂

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