Politics: New Democracy president promises to take down Greek Indymedia server


Indymedia Athens is hosted on a server provided by the Greek National Technical University of Athens.

With the upcoming elections in Greece in less than a month from now, New Democracy president Antonis Samaras granted an interview to political commentator, Yannis Pretenderis.

Speaking at the privately-owned Mega TV channel, Antonis Samaras stated his intention to close down the Greek chapter of the independent media center, Indymedia.

In recent years, Indymedia Athens has been regarded by the ruling governments of Greece as a source of acts of public violence, as many of its Greek contributors appear to be leftists or anarchists.

The Indymedia Athens web site is hosted on a server of the National Technical University of Athens, an educational institute funded by public funds. According to the Greek laws, educational institutes are treated as safe harbor “asylums and are immune from any direct police intervention that lacks the Dean’s approval.

Mr. Samaras vowed to take down the Indymedia web server, despite the freedom of speech that news publishers enjoy in Greece.


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