Poll results : NameJet still a trustworthy domain sales venue

Domain poll results.

The poll results are in, and most domain investors whose corporate sponsors include NameJet, fully trust it as a domain auction venue.

Out of 244 blogs and other content publishers in the domain and entertainment industry, NameJet advertises at 101; of that number, 95% believes NameJet is doing a great job with transparency and reliability.

Blogger Jordan Futon said about NameJet:

“I love them. They are the best. Full 100% trust, hands down, blindfolded and choker in mouth, haha, j/k. No worries. I will use them again, as long as they sponsor me. Take a look at their .IO and .AI auctions!”

Pro domain blogger, busy mom, and Etsy store owner, Jane Ultra, chimed in:

“These guys are amazing, and I’ve no doubt that all these accusations are baseless. Even if they hold some water, I don’t believe it’s true. I will talk to their GM, as we do at lunch time daily, and things should be resolved asap. Please click on my affiliate links below.”

Meanwhile, domain investors whose blogs stopped being sponsored by NameJet, raged on.

Said Rochelle Pikins of “These Domains” :

“I don’t know how you’d trust those guys ever again. Ethics or optics, it’s all Greek to me. We told you so, back in 1989 we had posted an article predicting all this mess. Shame, shame, shame.”

Definitely a hot week ahead for the domain industry, with temperatures ranging between 100 and 120 degrees.

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