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Poll: Are you using Two-Factor Authentication at your domain registrar?

China is America's enemy #1 in the cybercrime arena.

China is America’s enemy #1 in the cybercrime arena.

These days, the use of two-factor authenticationalso known as “two step verification” – to access one’s domain registrar account, is a must.

Considered one of several methods to lessen potential loss of domains to a cybercriminal, two-factor authentication is utilized currently by several domain registrars.

Here are some:

GoDaddy offers the ability to require the dispatch of an SMS that contains a six digit code every time you log into your account. This service is offered to US customers only.

Uniregistry utilizes the Google Authenticator app, that can be used with your mobile phone.

Fabulous offers fob access, pioneering the two-factor authentication among domain registrars.

The question is, do domainers use such extra security layers, or do they consider them unnecessary or annoying even? That’s the subject of today’s poll.

If your domain Registrar provides it, do you use two-factor authentication?

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5 Responses to “Poll: Are you using Two-Factor Authentication at your domain registrar?”
  1. Domainer says:

    Well Godaddy’s 2 step authentication is useless. They use an sms text which will only work inside the USA, and today the authentication delivery has been delayed since early afternoon Eastern time to anyone on the Verizon network. I haven’t been able to login in because of this all day and missed out on many auctions. Even on days when the auth delivery works it is sporatic and often delayed. I cant understand why a company like godaddy cant work with anauthenticator app like Google or Yahoo?

  2. DomainGang says:

    Domainer – While I’ve come across SMS dispatch delays at GoDaddy that depend on carrier issues, the idea is to ensure that others are kept out. Yes, when the system does not work consistently that’s an issue, hence the Google Authenticator option Uniregistry uses.

  3. Brad Mugford says:

    “the authentication delivery has been delayed since early afternoon Eastern time to anyone on the Verizon network”

    It has been an ongoing issue off and on. The GoDaddy SMS pin system has frequent issues.
    The pin normally arrives within a minute, but others times the pin could take minutes, hours, etc.

    I was trying to bid on auctions today and the 2 stage was down all day and is still down. It is pretty lame when it gets in the way of your work, but at least it provides peace of mind…

  4. Don’t use Go Daddy!!! It is a bad bad registrar.
    It is not Moniker but still.

    Anyway on your question:
    yes, yes and no because I use something even better that you mention above! 🙂

  5. Hire.Domains says:

    Heck i would be happy if godaddy just did customer support, anything else would just be a bonus !

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