Pornhub : Domain gets airtime on national television

If you frequent web sites like Pornhub, we don’t judge.

But if you intend to have your web browser displayed on national television, better prepare for the consequences.

A Greek national TV (ERT) report, covering the launch of an anti-fraud web site,, ended up unveiling the browsing practices of whoever owned that computer.


The word “Pothen,” which means “where from” in Greek, would come after “Porn” in the dictionary – and in this case, the URL is being pulled from the browser’s history, as it’s being typed in.

An embarrassing moment for the reporter and video editor, that was caught live and replayed for emphasis, in case the URL changed too fast for you.

Watch the video below:

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One Response to “Pornhub : Domain gets airtime on national television”
  1. Eric Lyon says:

    HaHa, hilarious! Great free advertising for PornHub, but not so great for the video creator. lol

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